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CIHC Task Force, State Parks move forward with interviewing architectural firms

The California Indian Heritage Center has taken another big step toward completion. An important part of the development process is reviewing the qualifications of potential architectural firms to find a partner that aligns with our vision of the Heritage Center. After a review of 22 Statements of Qualifications, the California Indian Heritage Center Task Force and California State Parks have decided to move forward with interviewing the following 11 firms.

Maidu Tray, ca. 1934
Maidu Tray, ca. 1934


  2. Smith Group, J&J, MIG, APA

  3. JCJ Architecture

  4. Dreyfuss & Blackford

  5. Fentress Architects

  6. Studio MA and LPAS

  7. Olson Kundig

  8. Mithun

  9. Morphosis Architects


  11. EFG

These interviews will help evaluate potential partners for their fit with CIHC’s guiding principles. These principles include creating a welcoming center of exchange that represents and celebrates the living cultures of all California Indian peoples and developing a place based on Native values of reciprocity, spiritual beliefs, and respectful stewardship of the land. In addition to having designed attractive and meaningful structures, the above firms appear to have Native American professionals on staff or under contract, and have a long track record of working closely with individual tribal governments and Native communities across the country. Many of these firms have experience working with nationally prominent institutions, including the National Museum of the American Indian. Interviews are scheduled to take place next month.


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