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a California State Parks Project


With concepts dating back to 1991, the vision of the California Indian Heritage Center (CIHC) grew out of principles created via a multitude of meetings, studies, and invaluable input from the CIHC Indian Advisory Group, the California Indian Heritage Center Foundation & representatives from California State Parks. 


The results are encapsulated in these three guiding principles:


  • Create a center for cultural preservation, learning & exchange, representing and celebrating all California Indians as a Living Culture

  • Develop a place founded on Indian values, centered on the stewardship of land, respect for natural systems and their cycles, presenting a natural character and leaving a light footprint on the land

  • Provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment to all communities, visitors and immediate neighbors


The California Indian Heritage Center Foundation works closely with California State Parks and the California Native American Heritage Commission to provide steady support and contribute focus for each phase of planning. 

For answers to questions, details, and updates on the project progress, contact California State Parks or visit:  


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Click here to make a donation to the development of the California Indian Heritage Center. Your donation is tax-deductible and will help ensure support for the many Native peoples of California!

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“The California Indian Heritage Center will be a distinctive and honorable place where past, current and future experiences and achievements of California Indians are recognized, celebrated and shared.”


Larry Myers, CIHCF Chairperson

Executive Secretary, California Native American Heritage Commission, Retired

The Vision


On May 11, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown allocated $100M in state funding for the construction of the California Indian Heritage Center in West Sacramento, which will replace the existing State Indian Museum. Click here for more information.


In June of 2019 the City of West Sacramento officially transferred land located at the confluence of the Sacramento & American Rivers - the site of the future California Indian Heritage Center - to California State Parks.

On June 18, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order for a formal apology to California's Native people for the campaign of genocide perpetrated against their ancestors, calling it a part of the State's "dark history." The ceremony took place at the site of the future California Indian Heritage Center in West Sacramento.  Click here to view the event. 

In May of 2020 Governor Gavin Newsom shifted $95M in project funding to lease revenue bonds to help manage the Coronavirus pandemic in California.  Once Parks finalizes plans for the project, they can explore the option of funding it through lease revenue bonds.

In April of 2022 Parks announced that the Fentress Architectural Firm has been selected to design and build the center. Proposed begin buildout is 2028, with a completion date in 2032.

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