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Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition 1775-1776

Native American Art Project

In 2014 the CIHCF Board of Directors commissioned a series of four paintings in collaboration with the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail, part of the National Park Service. 

A search was conducted for Native American artists to produce new visual artwork of the de Anza Expedition and its impact on Native American peoples. 



  • Michael Whitehorse Aviles, Southern Paiute/Shoshone, Gabrieleño Tongva ​

  • Antonio Moreno, Comanche/Otomi/ Costanoan-affiliated

  • Alicia Maria Siu, Nawat-Pipil/Maya

  • Vicente Moreno, Comanche/Otomi

  • Vicente Teoxiutleko Moreno, Comanche/Otomi 

  • Elijah Pfotenhauer, Choctaw 


This beautiful and powerful artwork is owned and copyrighted by the Foundation, and will one day find a home in the (future) California Indian Heritage Center.


Information about the Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition and/or planning a visit to the National Historic Trail can be found on the National Parks website:

The paintings are available for exhibit. Contact the Foundation for loan information.

First Contact - Michael Whitehorse Aviles -

copyright 2016 CIHCF

Survivors of Genocide / Warriors for Future Generations - 

Antonio Moreno, Alicia Maria Siu, Elijah Pfotenhauer

copyright 2017 CIHCF

First Contact - Alicia Maria Siu, Antonio Moreno, Vicente Moreno, Vicente Teoxiutleko Moreno

copyright 2016 CIHCF

Mission Era - Alicia Maria Siu, Antonio Moreno, Vicente Moreno, Vicente Teoxiutleko Moreno

copyright 2017 CIHCF

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